Anonymous: Hey! This might be kinda difficult, so no worries if you don't want to do it, or you don't have time, but if you can, could you possibly do inspired dance outfits for the actresses, instead of the characters? Thanks so much!

I have vacation so i have enough time to do it

1 hour ago
Anonymous: Hi, i have been looking for a pair of boots from the show for ages. They are grey with no detail? Abigail wore them in Season 2 Episode 26. Thanks Chloe x

Ok i look for them

2 hours ago
Anonymous: This is such a great idea and so handy!!! Really good job guys, all your posts are perfect! I LOVE all of grace's clothing. Excited to see what grace would wear for haloween!😊

Thank you ! I love grace style, too. I do the halloween outfits for her right now !

23 hours ago
Anonymous: Hi. I hace an emergency. I hace a date con saturday and I dont know what to wear its a dinner date and its kind of formal. Not that formal, linda like formal without high heels. Could you do inspired outfits? Please

Of course! I hope it goes well :)

3 days ago
Dance Academy

Welcome to Dance Academy Style, the blog dedicated to the style of the cast and characters of the Australian TV show Dance Academy.

We accept requests for inspired outfits and exacts/similars for all the girls (and the guys, if you want!) Please read through the FAQ before sending in a request.

This blog is run by Stephanie, Mira, Ella and Rebecca.

Check out the YouTube channel, run by Hana.

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