ila4jz: Could you explain how Grace did her hairbow when she's talking with Miss Raine about her new boyfriend? ♡ ;)
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Grace and Tara’s curtains

I assume you wanted the green and red floral curtains? If those were the wrong ones please let me know :) I hope these aren’t too expensive but if they are, we can make another set with cheaper ones. 

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lis90210: Please do some brightly coloured outfits for the girls with coloured hair


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Anonymous: Trying to track down similar, if not exact, floral curtains/fabric for grace's/tara's dorm from season 3, they would look perf in my bedroom, any help???

I’ll have a look 

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Anonymous: Hey I have been looking at your page for soooo long and Iove it. I'm obsessed with it. Was wondering where do you find everything from? I'm from Australia btw. Thanks for all ur hard work!!!!! :D

Thank you! :) We use polyvore to make our outfits, which has clothes from loads of different websites. So if you type in a keyword into the polyvore search bar, for instance “dresses”, it will come up with loads of dresses from different brands! It’s a really good website.

Some of my favourite shops to use are: Topshop, ASOS, River Island, BooHoo, Missguided, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, H&M, Modcloth and I’m pretty sure all of these ship to Australia. 

Also, I know the producers of Dance Academy get a lot of their clothes from Australian brands like MinkPink, Ladakh, Hunt No More, Princess Highway, so have a look there as well. Hope this helps :) 

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Grace’s hairstyles

check out our hair page and ask for any tutorials! 

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itsthefunnysidekickkat: //love the blog dears! Us DA rpers appreciate it!

aw thank you so much!! :) <3

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Anonymous: Can u do Grace hairstyles? Sry my english is bad :( i'm German

Don’t apologise for your English, it’s good! :) I can!

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For everyone going back to school now!

I’ve updated our school tab with LOADS of style ideas for the new school year! Make sure you have a look there. Hopefully this helps you all :) 

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Anonymous: hi i like kats style very much! could you make a outfit for autumn, please? this is the best blog i've ever seen! thank you a lot for this blog

thank you! :) I’ll do it 

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Grace’s make up look

There are full tutorials in our makeup tag so make sure you have a look there :)

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Dance Academy

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We accept requests for inspired outfits and exacts/similars for all the girls (and the guys, if you want!) Please read through the FAQ before sending in a request.

This blog is run by Stephanie, Ella and Rebecca.

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