Anonymous: I love your blog so much! I was wondering if you could find Abigails pink dress from Season 1 episode 19? Thanks so much!

I’ll have a look :)

1 day ago
lis90210: Can you do several grunge outfits for the girls please


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Anonymous: Could you do some grace, kat, tara and abigail inspired skater dresses maybe for tara and abigail floral patterns and for grace and kat more darker edgier ones if that's possible hahaa :')

Yep :)

3 days ago
Anonymous: Can you please do a school inspired for tara, kat and grace?

Done :)

3 days ago
Anonymous: hi ! i'm a big fan of grace's style. i would like to cut my hair like her, but i'am afraid if it afer look's goofy! also, grace has her hair cut so that is cut short n the left and on the right side her hair is longer, but i would prefer the other side (both)! what should i do??? pls help me ! sorry if you find errors


First I would recommend that you know that its DEFINITELY what you want to do! Some years ago I cut my hair really short without really thinking seriously about it, and I HATED it. It didn’t suit me at all! So I think you should definitely make sure it will look nice before you do it. 

If you then decide that you still want to do it, go for it! :) It’s a style that’s really fun and easy to look after. I think it looks really good on her and I’m sure it would look good if you did it the other way around. I think when you go to the hairdresser you should show them some pictures of her hair to give them an idea of what to do. If you want we can post some pictures for you, just send another message :)

Hope this helps!

3 days ago

Plus size outfits for uni

I hope you like H&M, I included lots of stuff from them! :)

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My dance direct catalogue arrived today! <3

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Kat’s hip-hop outfit

So I spent AGES looking for a similar off-shoulder top… I couldn’t find anything remotely similar to what she wears! I’m soooo sorry. But I found some off-shoulder tops in different colours if you’re okay with that, and a really similar tank top. Hope this is okay :)

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Anonymous: 50 facts about kat

i will finish it off asap!! sorry have been really busy as have just gone back to school

4 days ago
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