+ Abigail in 2x15

Worthington blouse / Zebra print blouse / Blue pants
"Abigail's outfit while she's singing? season 2 epi 15" by Anonymous

Yes :)

+ Party Outfits

Party Outfits

"Can you make a inspired birthday Outfit for all the girls or just grace" by Anonymous

I’ll do all the girls :)

"What wear the girls on her birthday ?" by Anonymous

If you mean Abigail’s birthday at the beginning of season 3? Have a look here

+ Kat’s Beach Bag

Kat’s Beach Bag

Tara’s bun
This is a good, easy style when you don’t have a lot of time or if you’re having a bad hair day!

  1. Run a comb through your hair so it is neat but has volume.
  2. Flip your hair over and pull it into a high pony tail, however, leave the front fringe layer out. Secure with a hair band. 
  3. Loosen your ponytail a little bit to get a volumised look like Tara’s.
  4. Wrap the ponytail around the hairtie and secure it in with bobby pins.
  5. Done! You can clip your fringe back or leave it hanging loose. Tara has kept her bun very neat but if you want you can pull some wisps out to make it a bit more messy.
"what's on the girls beach bag please <3 love the blog" by Anonymous

Okay :) thank you

+ What&#8217;s in Tara&#8217;s beach bag

What’s in Tara’s beach bag

+ Beach dresses, bags and bikinis

Beach dresses, bags and bikinis