Anonymous: Hi, love your blog! The 50 facts about Kat, did you copy them from Dance Academy Wikia, cuz I wrote the trivia on there! It's even got the same spelling mistake I made! Could you do Kat's butterfly top that she wears on the tandems in Season 2 Episode 19 The Naturals.

Hi, I copied a few of the facts of dance academy wikia, I hope you don’t mind!!!! I will start looking for the top ASAP!

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Similar dresses to Abigail’s audition in 3.06

The exact is from MinkPink but is no longer available. 

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Anonymous: What (common) stores do you think everyone would shop at?

Hi, I think the girls would shop at: Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, ASOS, MinkPink, River Island, American Apparel, boohoo and other similar stores. I think those ones all have a large range so you can get all the girls different styles from there.

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Anonymous: Maybe if you guys have time, could you do some inspired outfits for Abigail's trip to Barcelona with Ethan? I would love to see that! I also adore your blog. it's just fun to look at, but it also helps me out a lot! Keep working your magic!

Okay, sure! And thank you so much, I’m glad this blog helps you :)

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made-in-america98: Hi. I'm new to your blog so I don't know if you've done one already, but could you maybe do a business casual outfit for Kat? :)

I don’t think we have done that, but it sounds fun, I’ll get to work on it!

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Anonymous: Could you lovelies find a similar (or exact would awesome too!) to Abigail's dress while she's auditioning in season 3 episode 6?

Sure can :) I’m pretty sure the exact is sold out from MinkPink, but I can find similars!

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Hi! Could you guys maybe do some “boho chic” inspired outfits for the four girls? If you feel they don’t necessarily have that style, you don’t have to do that particular girl, but at least a few of them, maybe? Thanks so much!

Hey! I would definitely describe Grace’s style as having boho chic elements, and maybe Kat or Tara as well. I’m not sure about Abigail, but I’ll see what I can do! :)

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Benstara dances
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I know you have done what they would wear on a day trip, but could you please do what they would bring.

Okay, sure!

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