our-forever-in-love: Heeey it's me again :D!! Sorry to bother you, again! I know I must be annoying! But can you do a Grace inspired hair makeup and outfit for a festival? Sorry & thaanks :* :*

Requests are never annoying! :) I’ll get it done for you

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our-forever-in-love: Hey have you done the girl's road trip essentials? If you haven't can you please do one? If that's ok. And if you have would you mind linking it down below? Thaaanks :D x

Hi! Here are some links that might be what you’re looking for:

Kat inspired road trip

All the girls for a day trip 

School trip: 1 and 2

Also have a look at the casual tag!

If you don’t see anything you like please let me know and we’ll make something for you! Please let us know some more details about the trip - like how long you’re going for, weather, if you want any special items :) xx

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Anonymous: Hi, I just want to say than you for such an amazing website! I'm a dancer so I was wondering if you could maybe do some more dance outfits for all the girls, kat and grace in particular. thank you!

What type of dance? Ballet? 

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Anonymous: First of all, thank you so much for this amazing blog. I visit it so often and it's really useful so thank you! If you have time could you please find the romper/play suit that Abigail wears in series 3 episode 13 at the very start of the episode when she dances for Rebecca during Tara's monologue?

Okay, I’ll have a look :) 

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Season 2 Dance

The exact tutu is unavailable in turquoise but there are other colours available here. There is a similar (but shorter) tutu available here.

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Anonymous: Hi you said you were going to do the skirt, leotard, and tutu skirt that they wear in season 2 for class. when will that be up???? LOVE THE BLOG BY THE WAY!!!!!!!!

Whoops, we must have forgotten - sorry! I’ll do it ASAP :)

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If you have any questions please ask! 

She had a lot of hairstyles but these were the most common ones. 

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Anonymous: Hi, I know you've probably done some like it but I was wondering if you could do some inspired sweaters and also some hair tutorials for Kat in Season 3? I understand if you are all really busy though!

Sweaters are done! :) I’ll have the hair tutorials up tomorrow

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Anonymous: Could you please do some winter sweaters for the girls especially kat and grace? And also the burgundy dress that Grace wears in series 3 episode 1 when she dances with ben for Zach, Miss Raine and Sir Jeffrey. Thank you!

Just did sweaters! I’ll have a look for the dress or some similars :)

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Dance Academy Style.com

Welcome to Dance Academy Style, the blog dedicated to the style of the cast and characters of the Australian TV show Dance Academy.

We accept requests for inspired outfits and exacts/similars for all the girls (and the guys, if you want!) Please read through the FAQ before sending in a request.

This blog is run by Stephanie, Ella and Rebecca.

Check out the YouTube channel, run by Hana.

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